Our Clients

We couldn’t be happier with our Big Canyon Home. From start to finish our project manager and all of the trades personnel were professional and amazing. The Big Canyon Homes team was incredibly responsive to questions and kept us in the loop on all progress as our home moved to completion. The Big Canyon team became more than just someone we hired to build our home. We consider them our friends and people we could trust to help us make the tough decisions associated with home building. So happy we chose Big Canyon Homes to build our Forever Home.

Dean and Cindy Jensen

My wife Karen and I have built over 25 Spec homes in the Park City area over the past 20 years. The last 11, and counting, have been with Big Canyon Homes. They are, hands down, the best builder we have had the privilege to work with. They value honesty, integrity, hard work, and commitment. This trickles down to all the subcontractors they hire as well. It feels like a family atmosphere from start to finish. Most importantly, they are always on time and on budget. Our relationship has evolved to not only one of a working relationship but one of a deep friendship. We are so honored to put Big Canyon’s name on our homes. We are fortunate to call them our builders.

Steve Shaw

Aparajitha and I would like to thank Paul and Brett Berman and the entire Big Canyon team for building our beautiful home in Lower Deer Valley. We live in Texas and built this home remotely in the middle of the COVID pandemic. As with any big project, we faced a variety of hurdles including neighborhood restrictions and supply chain problems. I don’t remember a single working day when they didn’t have a crew on site and we completed the project on time. The quality of the home is more than what we could have imagined and the skill and workmanship of their subcontractors is beyond comparison. Brett was the project manager for our home and it was a wonderful experience working with him. He always gave us valuable and honest advice when it came time to make selections and we will always be grateful to him for the personal attention he gave us. The communication between us was always flawless and timely. Brett always kept us in the loop on all aspects of the project and must have sent us a few thousand pictures. It really felt to us that the BCH team built our home as if they building it for themselves. You can only do so many such projects in your lifetime but if we would ever build another home in that area, BCH would be the only choice for us. We also want to thank Kara and Aja Webster for their amazing design services. We couldn’t have done this without their help and the house would not be the amazing home that it is. Also special thanks to Casey and Johnny (BCH team) who were almost always on site and treated the home like their own.

Thanks Big Canyon Homes!!!!

Aparajitha and Amit Verma

I am an interior design professional and have worked with Big Canyon Homes for 9 years. They are a team of highly professional, knowledgeable and committed individuals and they hire subcontractors with the same standards. Every day on the job with Big Canyon is a great experience. Further, my professional interactions with Big Canyon led me to hire them to build my personal home. Of course, I am as pleased as all of our clients!

Leigh, Eden Design

As a single working Mom and first time home builder I felt completely taken care of from the start by Paul. I had built a hospital in SLC which was a disaster of an experience and I was reluctant. Big Canyon, comparatively, made this a great experience.

Paul, Luke, and their great team of contractors were always clear, concise, and responsive. They were respectful of my busy schedule and worked hard to co-ordinate with the architect on many hoops to jump through with the county regarding building on water. They helped immensely also in communication with the HOA. The construction site on a small cul de sac was immaculate and my neighbors were very happy with their professionalism. I could not be more thrilled with my home. They have been responsive and pleasant over the past year in addressing any issues; all of which have been minor.

I am more than happy that I chose Big Canyon and would do so again for my next project.

Nicole MacLaren

Big Canyon built our dream home in Ogden Valley. We were lucky to have Luke Berman as our superintendent, and we now think of him as family. Our complete satisfaction was clearly his top priority. Despite a challenging build, Luke never lost his sense of humor, and he was always responsive, respectful, and helpful. The subcontractors bring their A-games when working with Big Canyon, and the result is a stunning home that exceeds all expectations. We trust Big Canyon to stand behind their work, and we recommend them without reservation to anyone considering building a high-end home.

Arch Meredith

This is the third house we’ve built or completely remodeled. We have never had a better experience. Big Canyon was honest from the start of the process with open communication about the bid, what was in (sound structure, nice finishes), what he left out (heated exterior concrete, very expensive finishes) and continued the communication along the entire process with what was happening on timing, cost, etc. so there were never any surprises. Once started, there were very few days without someone working on the house and as a result we were 13 months start to finish which is rare in Park City. Now that we’re in, we’re extremely happy and if anything goes wrong/needs to be tweaked, they send someone as soon as possible to take care of it.
Honestly very happy customers,

Jeramy and Becky Lund

Being heavily involved in the building envelope science myself, I am very impressed at Big Canyon Homes’ attention to this aspect of their construction. I have yet to see a contractor as advanced in their building methods. I am convinced that a homeowner who has a house built by Big Canyon Homes, will have a better performing house than most. Especially in terms of energy consumption and utility costs. We are proud to be part of a team paving the way and setting the bar high in future construction.

Chris Noorda

The reasons I recommend Paul to all of my clients:

Excellent time schedule management.
Excellent cost value for custom homes.
Excellent team of construction supervisors and sub contractors.
Excellent relationships with clients and all of the design professionals involved in the production of a custom home.
Continuing education (building and technology innovations) for himself, his team, and sub contractors.
Capable of executing designs at any level of complexity.

If you would like a more eloquent verbal response please call me at 801 391-7343.


It has been a pleasure working as a partner with Big Canyon Homes to create beautiful homes over these last 10+ years. Your approach to the building process is informed and diligent. I appreciate the way that you incorporate the building team with the design team from the beginning in order to insure that the final product will efficiently use the resources available. The open communication between our two companies and the relationship of trust that we have developed allows for timely responses to field questions to keep projects moving forward. It has been a pleasure working with you, your family, and your team and we look forward to positive projects for years to come.

Joshua Anderson

When we selected a contractor to build our home, we turned down three other bids and waited a year so we could hire Big Canyon Homes. It was well worth the wait. Big Canyon’s professionalism, attention to detail, emphasis on quality and emphasis on customer satisfaction all surpass any other contractor we have dealt with over the years. Big Canyon also has stable and excellent team of subcontractors who share Big Canyon’s dedication to excellence. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Phil and Gena Ordway

Big Canyon Homes is one of the best builders I have worked with. Their quality control and attention to detail in every aspect of the build sets them apart from the rest. The client can always count on superior craftsmanship, and a well built home, all while implementing the latest in building technology and practices. Every home is built right, every time.

Bill Van Sickle

My wife and I chose Paul Berman and Big Canyon homes to build our home before our move from south FL to Huntsville UT. What a great experience we had. Paul began by helping us through the design process as we worked with the architect. He help us choose materials and finishes and introduced us to a team of sub contractors that allowed for a great value without compromising quality. We were living out of state the entire time and Paul kept us updated on his progress with photographs and phone conversations throughout the process. Our home was finished more than a month ahead of schedule and the end product was exactly what we hoped for. If we build again we would choose Big Canyon Homes, no question.

Chuck & Terry E

Big Canyon allowed us the budget to accomplish extreme tasks required by the project even under brutal conditions, important to keeping the project on schedule. I know because we provided mapping services for two of the Colony projects in ten feet of snow and sub zero temperatures. We are talking really “Big Canyon”.

Byron Curtis

I would like to start of saying it’s been a pleasure working and doing business with Big Canyon Homes. What really impresses me is the quality of detail and craftsmanship day in, and day out. You can always find a Project Manager on site dedicated to ensure project is built to the highest standard, and no corners get cut with the project staying on schedule. The staff at Big Canyon Homes are all very honest and reliable. I would HIGHLY recommend them to build any type of home, big or small. You can TRUST it will be done on time and in budget.

Cameron Barney

Big Canyon Homes, Inc. has consistently provided my clients with outstanding value and every custom home they have built for us has resulted in excellent customer satisfaction. They have built every project with very high quality, attention down to The smallest details and really do care about each project as though it were their own home. I highly recommend them.

Bradley Mimlitz

I am very pleased to relate my experiences with Big Canyon Homes. Paul Berman was instrumental in every facet of our project. He was involved in finding the lot, positioning the house on the lot to best take advantage of our views, formulating a budget and building a tremendous house within that budget. Just as in any project we encountered some hurdles that could not have been foreseen. For example in cutting the driveway we found that we had to deal with quite a deep rock ledge. Paul and his crew were never at a loss in dealing with any obstacle encountered. Our house was completed as promised in a very timely manner. If I ever build again it will be with Big Canyon Homes. Ideally I’ll give Paul a checkbook and tell him to call me when he’s done.

John Halsey

Big Canyon Homes Inc. is one of the best builders that I have been associated with in the 22 years that I have been doing low voltage wiring. All jobs are very clean to work in, scheduled in a timely manner and all sub contractors work well together to provide the best quality product on the market. They are very good at paying the subcontractors in a timely manner, which is a rarity in this business. They are always making sure that the customer is kept 100% in the loop through all stages of the build, which helps me as a subcontractor to keep the home owner happy. When asked who I would use to build a home for myself, I often refer to Big Canyon. They are one top notch company from the owners, to the superintendents and the office ladies! I’m proud to be associated with them.

Justin Fenn

We had an extremely successful, high quality home build with Big Canyon. We loved the management of the project, the communications, and the very honest approach from Paul and his team. Paul and family are very easy to get along with and are transparent with their interactions. Continued follow-up after completion has also been excellent. They became friends, not just a builder.

Brian Hockridge

We met Paul & Kathy Berman (owners of Big Canyon Homes) in church 18 years ago. We have had Big Canyon work on several projects over the years. Totally satisfied . Their expertise and commitment to excellence is without question. They are dedicated and proud of their work.
We certainly plan on their services for any future building projects.

Dr. And Mrs. Fred Taylor

The Berman Family is foremost honest in all that they do and has made our family feel that our satisfaction with our home is their top priority. Our home is 10 years old and is in terrific shape. It was well built with a thoughtful attention to detail. We highly recommend Big Canyon Homes and would build another home with Paul & family again

Anthony Sanfilippo

It’s rare that you come across a standout contractor like Paul Berman of Big Canyon Homes. I have had the pleasure of working with Paul for 12 years, collaborating on several custom home projects as the interior designer. Paul is the most professional builder with whom I have been involved. I continue to be impressed by his ability to seamlessly handle even the toughest projects. He and his team are extremely efficient, with a fine eye to detail and attention to the budget. Paul has a calm way throughout the arduous process, which makes the building experience a happy and enjoyable one for the client.
Paul and the Big Canyon Home team earns my highest recommendation!

Kara Webster

Lots of builders promise to build families their “dream house”. Paul and his team kept that promise. Our home is amazing…well-built and wonderful to share with our family and friends. But the true value of our building experience transcends the final product. The values that Paul demonstrated were honesty, transparency, dependability and dedication. Paul is a family man and he knows how to build homes that families can enjoy for generations. The house is fabulous…truly our dream house…but the experience was even better.

Marsha Sullivan

Big Canyon Homes built our dream house! Paul and Luke Berman were awesome to work with and always kept us informed on the project. We were out of town when our custom house was built, but Big Canyon Homes always had time for us! The result was a beautifully crafted home that was completed on schedule and on budget. Even long after completion, Big Canyon Homes stands behind its work and is always available to help on any minor maintenance items. Thank you, Big Canyon Homes!

Paul Schick & Beth Mannino